Sunday, April 12, 2015

Double 6 Ranch Helping Special Needs Kids with Free Horse Encounters

By Aurora Ferrer
Those of us lucky enough to have met a horse won't soon forget the encounter. Horses are special animals. They have shared life with humans for thousands of years. They have carried our loads, tilled our farms, pulled our wagons and given us the freedom to travel far beyond where our feet could take us. Those that know horses know that horses have a sixth sense. A balanced horse can read the subtleties about people that most humans miss. Horses have an innate understanding of the energy we (humans) emit. And they have a special gift of being able to touch a human's heart like no other being. When a horse thinks enough of you to breath you in, to want to "know" who you are, there is no greater communion between two souls.  

The folks at Double 6 Ranch know this first hand. They are real cowboys & cowgirls that have spent years learning the language of the horse and of his/her power to heal. Because of this, Double 6 Ranch opens their ranch and their hearts to special needs children, adults and their families for free. Many of these children would never have the opportunity to meet a horse let alone ride one if not for this program. 

Having a grown son that was born with life-threatening health challenges myself, I know what a gift it was to see someone put a smile on his face. As a parent you see your child need to undergo so many painful and difficult situations on a daily basis that to see them experience even a moment of pure joy is a prayer answered. And the Double 6 Ranch folks and horses don't stop there, they invite all the kids in the family to join in the experience. No one is left out. Everyone gets to feel special and gets a much needed rest from the daily challenges they face.

I could write about the special, meaningful work these folks are doing for days but I think the film clip and comments speak for themselves. Please take a few minutes to watch the clip and read some of the comments about their (child's) experience with the Double 6 Ranch Special Needs Program below.

About the film clip: "The folks at Double 6 Ranch open their ranch and their hearts to special needs children and their families. Double 6 Ranch offers Horse and Ranch encounters absolutely free. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...these pictures speak volumes. These pictures share hope, freedom, love. The expressions on the faces of the kids, the horses, the families and the staff are priceless. 

All I could think as I was making this clip was "I see angels...I see angels in the children, angels in the horses, angels in the staff". These pictures remind us that there truly are angels that walk among us...some on four legs.

Thank you Double 6 Ranch for all the good you guys put into the universe. You guys are making the world better one angel at a time." 

Here are just a few of the many posts and comments from families that have experienced the free special needs day horse and ranch encounter:

E.L. We brought a group of special needs children from Ft irwin down there and it was the best time, they loved every minute! I am thankful for all the people at double 6 ranch and their selflessness to provide such an opportunity to special needs children, especially since their isn't always a lot of opportunities for them and especially not free. Bless you all and I hope you all are able to help the special needs children for years.

J.D. ...I just say down in front of my computer just this passed week and wrote a letter to double 6 ranch to thank them for an amazing day. ... my autistic grandson and my three un autistic grandkids thoroughly enjoyed the day. ...I left with a soft spot in my heart for what the staff at double 6 do for these children. ...

E.H. We love the Double 6 Ranch and the overwhelmingly generous and kind people there. And I know the whole community who has benefited from their graciousness stands behind the Ranch.

C.F.L.  ...We were at your very first special needs day at the rach. My son who didn't speak to others much instantly became a chatter box to the volunteers when they put him on a horse. Every time we come back he gives you a hug which is just not something he does to everyone. He trusts you. You saw my daughter's love for horses and offered to teach her how to ride both western & english and would never ever accept any form of payment. You did this out of the kindness of your heart and you saw something special in her. You taught her discipline and hard work. You even had her looking up horse facts each week so when she came for her lesson she had to tell you what she learned. She fell in love with the special needs program and it has been on her heart over the years to come volunteer. 6 yrs later you just allowed her to have her senior photo shoot at your ranch and again never asked for anything in return. You and your ranch has been a blessing in our lives...

Post by Double 6 Ranch on Facebook from their latest special needs class: "We at the D6 would like to thank all the little Angels, and their Families for coming to our Special Needs program today,,, You give us the inspiration to keep doing this wonderful program. We also want to thank our great Staff and Volunteers,, Ty, Roger, Marcos, Scott, Rick, Duane, Marv, Ashley, Elsa, Edgar, Lester, Billie, Shar, and Jason. Once again, Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts..."

And the comments in response:
D.M. - mom: It was a wonderful experience and am grateful for everyone that was involved for my little ones. I look forward to it for the next couple months. Thank you! 

B.B - Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My son had a great day. As we were leaving I got the biggest hug and Tyler said thank you mom for bringing me here today, it's the best. Those words were ment for all of you who give of your time to make my son's day. You are blessings to us and our families.

M.V. - Que dios les de muchos anos de vida para que sigan hasi q dios los vendiga siempre por querer a mi hijo edgar.

S.S. - This is truly an amazing gift to the children....they are so blessed to be able to participate in this, to be so free, and the smiles were abundant, we are so grateful to you Ty, and your staff, your truly amazing people and my kids are hooked.

It is inspiring to see the magic and healing that can happen when generous people and special horses get together to help others.  If your moved by their work please take a moment to follow them on their Facebook page and share their story. The more people that know about Double 6 Ranch's great work the better chance they have of continuing to do it. 

Double 6 Ranch

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