Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Energy Healing with Wolves and Dogs

Energy Healing session with Ke-ola,
our very sick foster dog, at 3:30am
Apricot the wolf from the
Earthfire Institute
The benefits of energy work and meditation are not limited to the human animal. I have been working with canines in my private practice for years. I also work with my own dogs. I give them private Reiki/Cleansing sessions when they are sick or agitated. I also enjoy meditating in the sun with my dogs as a group. Reiki is the Japanese word for universal life force or energy. As the name implies this "force" or "energy" sustains all living things. When we learn to tap into this powerful yet subtle energy in ourselves we are able to sense it in the living things around us. For more information on Reiki please visit The Reiki Principals post at 

In this blog post I'm sharing a video of my dogs during Sun Meditations as well as a photo of a private healing sessions with my foster dog. I encourage you to take some time and try mediating with your dog. The connection you build is amazing and with an open mind and heart, you'll be surprised at what your pup will teach you. 

River and Sky at the end of our 20 minute Sunday Sun Meditation.

Those of you that have been following my Facebook Page Mana Keepers' will remember seeing Apricot the Wolf's Energy Healing Video in 2011. I share it here again and also include her followup video. She seems to move freely and without pain now. It is remarkable at what can be accomplished when we reach below the surface of things to touch the essence of things. 

Apricot the wolf's first energy healing sessions.

Apricot free of pain and paralysis!

Apricot the wolf lives at The Earthfire Institute. Earthfire Institute is a place to experience the profound connection between all life. Their 40-acre wildlife sanctuary, nestled in the Yellowstone-to-Yukon Wildlife Corridor, is a loving home to wild animals that can never be released into the wild, and a refuge for reflecting—in their company—on how to create a truly sustainable world.

Earthfire Institute is a heart-centered place that cares for many different species. Here is a list of their current animal inhabitants: 
Bears: Huckleberry Bear Bear, Teton Totem, Major Bear, Humble Bumble.
Wolves: Midnight Journey, Apricot, Piddle Paddle, Wamaka, Stardance, Moonbeam, Lupine and Patch, Cucumber, Little White Girl, Timber, Windsong.
Cats: Windwalker the Cougar, Swatworth the Bobcat, and Mr. Pinkerton the Lynx.
Foxes: Firefly, Sage, Foxie Whitefoot, Renard, Feather.
Coyotes: Shaman, Faerytale, Skitter, Pimpernel, Streak, Willow
Buffalo: Nima, Blue Bell
Badger: Miss Clover
Other Animals: BLM Burros, Moose, Squirrel, Goslings, Deer, Chickens and Goat.

If you are inspired to make an open heart connection with nature, Earthfire Institute should be your next vacation destination. For more information about this amazing organization please visit their website at

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you Peace today and everyday.


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