Monday, November 3, 2014

Turkey Totem Quick Reference

Turkey Totem:
Giving of self to benefit the whole- Pride - Abundance - Generosity - Awareness - Virility - Fertility - Sacrifice

Most of us in the USA think of Turkey as beginning synonymous with Thanksgiving dating back to the Piligrim's in 1621. Yet turkeys represented abundance and virility for Native North and Central American Cultures for centuries before our first Thanksgiving.

Native Americans viewed the turkey as a symbol of abundance and fertility. The Creek tribes still practice the turkey dance during their annual fire festival. Turkey feathers are also used in ritual. The Mayans and Toltecs viewed the turkey as a "jeweled bird" and also referred to it as the "Great Xolotl." 

Turkey displays physical signs before bad weather so it became known as a symbol of foresight in Native Cultures. This gift of foresight is an important trait as turkey people are known to be “abundance generator's". Turkey is ready to offer itself to being it the whole because it knows that in giving she is receiving. 

Turkey's power is strongest during Fall so it's important to also look at what Autumn symbolizes:

Change - Cycles - Harvest - Endings - Beginnings - Preparation - Rebirth 

Tarot Marseilles: Death - a time for plowing the fields under, for plants and animals to begin their slumber. A clearing of a space so that rebirth may take place...

(Condensed highlights from volumes of info about animal totem characteristics. Hope you'll investigate further on your own)

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