Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Calla lily Symbology - Quick Reference

Calla lily meaning: 
On one hand it is used in weddings as sign of purity and on the other hand it symbolizes resurrection and is often used in funerals. Calla lilies are native of southern Africa. They are grown from rhizomes and once planted they keep spreading. It is a beautiful flower. The most common color is white but it is found in colors like burgundy, pink, yellow, blackish purple, and orange. The cup shape of the flower is symbolic of feminine and of rebirth. Calla Lilly are associated with the Greek goddess Hera and with Mother Mary symbolizing her purity and virginity. On Easter it heralds in the resurrection. The Calla lily meaning is both rebirth and union.

 (There are different interpretations for the meanings & uses of plants. Here we offer some general info. but encourage you to work/meditate and find your own.)

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