Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rabbit Totem - Quick Reference

Symbology of Rabbit: Love -Luck-Shyness-Speed -Growth-Rebirth-Creativity-Harmony-Family -Awareness-Perception-Abundance-Esoteric Knowledge-Fertility-Sentiment-Desire-Procreation 

It is linked to Springtime. Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, long family line. Symbolic of creativity & creation. The Buddha disguised as a hare, threw himself in a fire as sacrifice to the god Indra. His reward was to live an eternal life as the moon. Rabbits & Easter symbolize sacrifice, redemption, and resurrection. Native American folklore, Manabozho is a trickster a shape-shifter & helps to spawn creation. The fourth animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Those born under the sign of the rabbit are conservative, friendly, and deeply compassionate. They are creative and active and avoid conflict. 

(Condensed highlights from volumes of info about animal totem characteristics. Hope you'll investigate further on your own)

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