Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Link to film trailer and page "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty"

Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty Facebook Page
Film Trailer "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty". Indigenous cultures worldwide view the land, sea & all of nature as our Mother. "She" is the source of life’s sustenance. This is an important film not just to Native Hawaiians but also to all those that love their Terrestrial Mother.
Check it out. Mahalo
Aloha guys. On a quiet Sunday morning, we want to share with you the trailer to our Director, Catherine Bauknight's current film, "Hawaii A Voice For Sovereignty". It took over 5 years to make this film as deep wounds to our culture don't heal fast over the past 119 years since 1893 overthrow of Hawaiian Republic. Her dedication to telling the story of Hawai'i is one of the primary reasons we are so excited she has joined our effort to bring the story of Kahoolawe to the world. Mahalo Catherine for the work you do!

Hawaii A Voice for Sovereignty Facebook Page

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