Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DragonflyTotem - Quick Reference

Dragonfly Meanings: prosperity~luck~strength~peace~harmony~purity~duality~cycles 

A creature of wind and water the dragonlfy totem represents change (two year cycle), possibility (rainbow of iridescent color) and the fairy kingdom. It's iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze and reminds us to heed where the proverbial wind blows - lest we run into stormy weather. Also creatures of the water, they are symbolic of the subconscious, dream-time, the mind, emotions and thoughts. If dragonfly appears in your life look for a two year cycle to start or come to an end. The dragonfly is a reminder that our thoughts are responsible for what we see in our lives - in our physical surroundings. It is a very powerful meditation tool. As an adult it lives a short life, reminding us to live our lives to the fullest. 

(Condensed highlights from volumes of info about animal totem characteristics. Hope you'll investigate further on your own)

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